Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: History of Whoo Seol Brightening Cleansing Foam

History of Whoo is a very well known brand in Korea for high end range and it is part of LG cosmetic companies. Seol line is brightening or whitening range from Whoo, and it is very famous.
I've bought some samples to try and heard this cleansing foam is good.

So many items step by step if you want to follow all the steps. I've counted and they are more than 5.
It is a common thing for Asian skin care products.

Short review because this one is only a sample, I know that their packaging is so beautiful even for the miniature, will review them later with in yang line that I'm using now.

The sample sachet is very useful for travelling because I can use it many times until the end of it. I don't wanna waste a thing >_<. It will be easier though if you move it to a jar like I did, so I  don't have to put the sachet in the bathroom which makes it less beautiful.

Like always, all in Korean. Sometimes I wonder that English must be provided at any samples too. It 's important right.

The texture is creamy and a little bit pearly. Use a very small amount and it's enough.
The smell is really good, I love the smell, it's like floral but softer, for some people may be find it too strong.

It's not so foamy, but with a pea size is enough to cover the whole face.
It wipes away make up so easily. As you see, I used bold eyeshadow with primer and now it's clean just with a pea size of the cleansing foam.

It is also brighten my skin tone, but not in an extreme way.
I think it's good for oily skin because my friend told me that she has less oily face after using this.
For me, I have normal dry skin, it's not hydrating enough so don't forget to put on moisturizer immediately after cleansing the face.

+ smells really good
+ wipe away make up really good
+ just use a small amount to cleanse the face
+ brighten the face

- expensive
- sometimes it irritates my eyes

I like it but I just wish that it is more hydrating. But usually whitening function isn't so moisturizing.
It really brighten my face after using it and I like how it is really good at cleansing away my make up.
I will stick for sample sachet for now because it is cheaper and I just need a little to cleansing my face.


  1. Kornelia LucianaJuly 9, 2013 at 6:40 PM

    Wooo dahsyat, kayaknya gak double cleansing bisa ya.

  2. duh merk ini emg nampol semua produknya tpi mahal2 :(