Friday, May 2, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Global 8th (Korean Beauty Box)

Gosh.. This is my first international beauty box. This can be counted as my 2nd box, the first time I got beauty box was when the hype went viral about last year and tried BTI (Beauty Treats Indonesia) that is not giving beauty box service anymore. Not many Indonesian Beauty Box  survive until now because the products inside aren't really worth the hype. Because Memebox is a KOREAN BEAUTY BOX and as Korean cosmetics and skincare lover... Of course I want to try it!

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After reading these Meme boxes in many blogs, I decided to try as there are vouchers that I can use. They have several types of beauty box: Memebox Global, Superbox, Luckybox, and the newest is Mini Box. I got the Memebox Global one because the Mini hasn't been launched a month ago and this was the cheapest one back then ($23). The shipping cost to Indonesia is $7, but since this April they don't ship to Indonesia anymore. -___-; so this will be my first and last box? Hope they change it... 

With total box + shipping is $30, but I got $5 voucher from registering, $5 more from mentioning blogger's name who's sponsored by them and $2.14 from Valentine's day, so I must pay around $17.85 including the shipping. But because last month IDR rate was so high so I have to pay around IDR 200k or so. >__<

Let's start Unboxing!

They package the packet carefully with bubbles inside so everything is safe inside. The box is usually a pink box like this one with 'Get it beautybox' written on the box. I think you can get many products from Get it Beauty show?

The pink box! I thought it would be bigger, but this is pretty small like any other beauty box.

Check out the inside, there is a flyer with all the products information in English. It is more like a short description and how to use but it's enough for me to know what it is. Many Korean products don't have English description so just be prepared! 

1. Flower Men Energy Factory Moist Boosting Sheet Mask - Hyaluronic Acid
Full size. 25g. $4
It is a PSY Mask. It's really funny... His face is really this big? LOL. Anyway, the mask size isn't as big as the face, the only part that contains the mask is the bottom one (bow tie to the chin). Anyway, now I have used it and it moisturized my face and need some time to get the liquid fully absorbed into the skin.

2. Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo 100g (deluxe)
Full size: 340g, $23
The shampoo.. Never heard this brand before. It's really unique, I think it is more like a herb shampoo that has nice formula to the scalp, suitable for sensitive scalp because it is sulfate, silicone, synthetic and preservatives free. I can smell the herbs but it is pleasant. I love herbs scent. The packaging looks like Chinese medicine. Anyway this is a mini size and I will use it for sure. This one is good for travelling. 

3. Tony Moly BCDATION SPF 30 PA ++ - Pink Beige 7ml (deluxe) + 1ml sachet
Full size: 50g, $27
The picture on the flyer is the big size but I got the deluxe size along with the sachet. It looks quiet big but when I squeeze it, it felt like there is empty space inside (I think the real product is only 3/4). This is the newest item from Tony Moly, it is a BCDation (BB+CC+Foundation), still can't imagine? But it is like another bb cream with lighter formula but good coverage. It has dewy finish at first but turned into soft finish. It suits my skintone well. I think I got the natural shade. 

4. Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack 20ml (deluxe)
Full size: 100ml, $49
This one is also a new product for me. I got deluxe size too. It's 20 ml! I can use it many times and as it is sleeping pack I think this can last for a long time. The description said that it is moist the skin and also minimize pores. The texture is like gel and transparent but a bit white. It spreads nicely, at first it feels sticky and I can feel my face is tighten (not in a hard way) but after a while the stickiness is gone. I don't really like the smell. Hard to describe but it's weird to me, not really refreshing.

5. Secret Key Snow White Cream 50g
Full size, $21
This item is already famous and booming right now. It works as base make up to get more transparent and even skin before applying make up. I don't know if it is make a difference on my skin.. LOL.. But I don't find it very crucial to use this. If you wanna have an instant brightening effect, this one is for you.

6. MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Form Cleanser 110g
Full size, $73 - (I don't think this price is real??)
This is my fave item from this box. Got a full size on this one, so happy. It is a cleansing oil, good on this one because I almost run out my Kose Speedy Cleansing Oil and this one is much better replacement. It smells wonderful like lemon and not sting, it's somehow pleasant! I tried to remove lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner, it works wonderful but the eyeliner will be completely removed after I rinse it off. It has no residue after but dry my skin a bit but not as much as the Kose Speedy, just remember to put moisturizer on after. 

+ Totally worth the price you get
+ They give a nice service and the customer service is so helpful
+ 2 full size + mask! and other deluxe samples
+ Introducing other Korean brands that I've never heard of, always exciting try new brands

- Need about 1 month to get to my doorstep
- Now, there is no shipping to Indonesia -__-
- Almost no makeup products in this box

I love this Memebox, although there is no make up items like the box before this. I think for all the products you get, it is worth the money. Very! Especially when we have vouchers, they like giving away vouchers. I'd love to try more Memebox if I have the chance. 


  1. Jeanette Ninneta JacobusMay 3, 2014 at 12:24 AM

    Snow white cream is absolutely famous yah....


    New post for Reine Doll IBB Challenge I'm a queen :

    cekidot yah... :)

  2. The shampoo seems interesting but the Tony Moly BB cream seems the most worth it along with the cleansing oil. Thanks for the review!

  3. I don't think Memebox ships to the Philippines, too. Ohh, I hope they will.

    Followed your blog on bloglovin. Keep posting! Loving your blog!

  4. Did you have to deal with customs tax? :0

  5. Hii. Fortunately no. Because it's only around $20. I have to pay tax when the value is more than $50, around 19% of the goods value.

  6. Thank you for replying ^^ I was thinking of getting a memebox for my friend who lives in Indonesia and was scared that she might be taxed or somethng hehe.

  7. Unfortunately they don't ship to Indo anymore since past few months. This box is the  first n last box I can get ;(
    -------- Original message --------

  8. I thought they reintroduced shipping to Indo? :o

    "Currently, we ship to Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hongkong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA." from memebox FAQs