Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Sponsored] Review: Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #4

Back again to lip product.. I got some new lip products recently, and this one I got from Alice, the W2Beauty owner. 

What is W2Beauty?
I think many of you already knew because it is a web that provide so many many Korean Cosmetics including 3ce, Sulwhasoo, and many other brands that is hard to get like IOPE, and other Amore Pacific brands. The best thing is the worldwide shipping cost is free wherever you are!

She let me chose 2 products and both of them are lip products. Korean cosmetics sure know how to appeal their customers with new trends, it feels like I can't never get enough. Who's agree with me..!

Innisfree is one of my fave brand, on my previous post, I reviewed the vivid tint rouge which is amazing the stain and the gloss. Now, I let you know about lip mousse from innisfree. This collection recently launched this Spring 2014.

I chose no 4 because I want pink! The color range is not as many as vivid tint rouge but it's so pretty for Spring.. Your lips will be beautiful as flower petals.

Idea on how to use the lip mousse. The color will shown better with concealer underneath. Don't forget to moist your lips first because this has matte finish. The good thing is that it can also be used as blush. Always love multifunction product.

Innisfree packaging is always to the point. It is simple and chic. The box is always made from recycled paper and printed in soy ink. Love their natural view for the brand. Unfortunately, there is no English description.  

The lip mousse bottle is really simple, long transparent bottle with white cap so the color is shown and I can see if it's going to be emptied.

The wand is long and the applicator is almost round with an oblique point. It is not the best applicator's shape I think, I usually use brush or finger when applying to have a good and even look after. Maybe I'll need sometime to figure it out and practice it.

The texture is new to me, because this is my first matte lippies. It has a matte but soft and creamy texture like mousse pastry cake. The color is pretty... It turns into pink with a bit of coral hint but still more pink rather than #3. Love the color! Spring trend in Korea right now is more into pink and orange, bold lips with minimal eye make up is on.

The color blends well and easy to soften it because it already has soft texture, it makes easier for gradation lips too. This can be used on cheek too and getting soft and matte color to the cheek, it will be pretty.

The color turns to be more pink on me. I have a pigmented lips and somehow the lip products will be a bit different when I use it. Anyway, love the matte finish.

It doesn't leave stain like tint always do and it's easily removed. Maybe stain a bit but it needs a long time to be set. It leaves mark on glass and etc that my lips touch. I would love it more if the texture is set easily.

+ The color choices are nice and vibrant
+ Vivid color
+ One bottle will last for a long time 
+ Soft matte texture, feels light on lips
+ Not drying
+ Affordable

- Not long lasting and doesn't stain
- Leaves mark
- Can be cakey if you use it too much

As my first matte lip product, I love it. It is not drying and not settle to the lips line, maybe a bit but it's not really visible. The color's payoff is good. I suggest to use lipbalm and a bit of concealer underneath. For glossy look, adding lipgloss is also nice but remember to use the lip mousse thinly. Once, I used too much product and it became cakey. I think this one bottle will last for a long time because a little goes a long way.


Product link here 
Price $14.99 (including shipping)

You can get $5 voucher 
by entering 06166507 (sponsor code) in the registration form

Yay, happy shopping!
Wait for my other review ^_^


  1. Nice color, thanks for sharing~
    aa~ i want no 6 so badly .

    Im Piccha

  2. warnanyaaa cantikkkk bingitsssss :)

  3. Hi Piccha.. all the colors are pretty...♥
    I love 6 too!

  4. Iyaa Nessya.. cakep2 jd pengen yg lainnya juga.. hihi

  5. Jeanette Ninneta JacobusMay 3, 2014 at 1:21 AM

    Warnanya aku suka sekaliiiii...

    Jadi pengennnnn...


    New post for Reine Doll IBB Challenge I'm a queen :

    cekidot yah... :)

  6. lens nya pakai apa cc?? very pretty!
    btw iya nih kukira creamy tint ini hasilnya nge set kaya lipnicure atau soft matte lip cream..

  7. amazing review~ thank you ^^ i'd like to try ~ ♥

  8. This color is so pretty! Really interested in this gloss now ^_^