Monday, May 19, 2014

[Sponsored] Review: 3CE Lip Pigment #Bright Orange

As promised, another lip product! This item was sent to me for review purpose by Alice from W2Beauty. Do check their web, it's amazing on how many products they have. Got me so confused when I have to choose something, and they offer free world wide shipping, yay! The famous IOPE, and SUM37 and many other brands that are hard to find are available there. 

I've always wanted to try 3CE but it's a bit hard to find 3CE products. They have so many products especially for makeup. Many bloggers rave this lip pigment. So many unique colors to choose and it can be mixed one another and creating new color of your own, how cool is that. Reminds me of my design school in the early year back then. 

Back to orange.. I chose bright orange because love orange, it suits me well and turns out I love the color! Perfect for everyday color.

3CE products has black and white icon for their products. All the packaging is sleek and edgy. Unlike other Korean products, this doesn't stand for its cuteness, but more like western brand on this one. Doff black box with glossy part that shows the color inside. The lip pigment is in a small size tube with plastic cap, it is pretty small and cute size but it will last for a long time because it's very pigmented and a little goes a long way...

Told you! It's super cute size.. But I like the size, very travel friendly. I often doing make up in the car and just grab my small make up pouch and this definitely something that I could bring.

Nice thing it has a small and pointy hole so I can control the amount as I wanted. Anyway, we have to use finger or brush to apply it. I prefer brush because it is the easiest way and gives more natural finish. Stippling brush is the best for blush application, with that I don't have to be afraid that my cheek would turn too orangey. Sponge could also be an alternative. 

The texture is thick and very pigmented, looks like paint. Reminds me of oil or acrylic painting. It will blend smoothly.. but needs time, that's why brush is the best applicator. It quicken the process and soften the look, neater of course. It can be used for lips, cheek and eyes. What a multi purpose product..  

After blended... with a tiny bit size it can cover more than a half of my hand. I love the soft matte finish because it looks natural. It isn't moisturizing because it is matte so preparing moist lips and skin before is a must, other way it will get patchy and settle to fine lines.

3CE Lip Pigment Bright orange on model. It's really pretty on her, one of the reason why I chose this color. Looks fresh and natural.

For other color reference:

Don't see the yellow and white to use it alone, it is made to be mixed with another color. Check out on google for mixing recipe for this lip pigment.

+ Very pigmented
+ A little goes a long way
+ Cute size, travel friendly
+ Multi purpose product (eyes, cheek, lips)
+ Has good color range and can be mixed one another
+ Soft matte finish

- A little bit pricey 
- Drying for lips only because it has matte finish

I love it! It's super pigmented and can be used for eyes, cheek and lips. I don't know why the name is lip pigment even though we can use it on other places. But since it's matte and drying, I think I will love it more to use it as blush on cheek. Love for bright orange eyes too. My lips get dry easily so for long occasion I won't use this on lips. For short time, it's ok. Love the size, it's small and travel friendly but will last for a long time because of the super pigmentation.
I'd like to try another 3CE products!


Product link here
Price $21.31 (including shipping)

You can get $5 voucher 
by entering 06166507 (sponsor code) in the registration form


  1. the packaging for this product is so original, ive never really heard of a product like it before! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. it seems really nice ~~

  3. The model for the shade is so pretty! This color looks great on you too ^_^

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  4. This shade really suits you!

  5. I had no idea you could also use it one your eyes!
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