Monday, May 5, 2014

Late ~ April Haul

Late post! This was supposed to be posted a few days ago, but I haven't got time to do that. After super long tiring days, I just wanna lay down and watch some movies and series. Can't live without them. LOL..

I wanna share some items that I got last month..... Let's start!

Memebox! The famous korean beauty box. Check my post to see what's inside. I can tell you that it's really worth the price and I'm pretty satisfied with it. With $23, you can get 6 products and none of them were only sachet.

Honest Skin
(Skinfood Rose Shake Point Make Up Remover, Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder)
Honest Skin website held sale month ago so I decided to get what I need, ran out of make up remover and loose powder. This make up remover smells so good, very mild, clean make up easily and leaves no oily residue. The Innisfree powder, I haven't used it yet because it's sooo small. I thought it'd be bigger. But I've seen so many good reviews.

(Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Ereaser Dark Circle, Dream Lumi Touch)
My aunt went to US last month and I told her to get me these since it's not available here and it's hard to find under eye concealer and highlight locally. I need it very much and my Maxfactor one is already at stake. Excited to try them.

(Milani Shadow Eyez #Cafe Au Lat, Milani Illuminating Face Powder)
(NYX Butter Gloss Tiramisu, NYX Wonder Pencil)
(Maybelline Colorshow Eyeliner, Nail Polish - no photo)
MILANI: More drugstore haul... Always love Milani. They are always worth better than the price. The pencil is super smooth and pigmented and set without smudging, awesome!!! Makes me want to get another color but I have to hold. The highlighter is not really pigmented but I really love the design, it's really beautiful.

NYX: Nude pencil is in! Curious about this wonder pencil, but I think I like white pencil better, don't really like this texture. The butter gloss is nice, not really sticky and gives color, it's pigmented!

MAYBELLINE: color show is the newest range but cheapo. It has good quality and the price only IDR 30.000 / $3 for everything (lipstick, nail polish, and eyeliner). Got me an aqua green eyeliner, the color is unique but it's not as pigmented as other vivid color like purple or brown. I got a nail polish too but forgot to take pic of it, the color is beautiful between pink and peach. Just wait and see my review later. 

(Innisfree Creamy Lip Tint Mousse #4, 3CE Lip Pigment #Bright Orange)
This was sponsored, they let me chose 2 items and I was curious about them. The lip mousse is creamy and gives smooth finish, a bit settle to fine lines but still consider moist. The 3CE is more drying, not moisturizing at all. I prefer to put some balm or gloss a bit after, it's perfect for cheek and eyes too.. Super pigmented and a little goes a long way. Alice was so nice, she also gave candy and some samples too. 
Anyway you can get $5 with code 06166507 (fill in the sponsor code when you register). You can also sponsor your friends there ^_^

Cosmetic Love 
(Tony Moly 7Days Tatoo Eyebrow #Dark Brown, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21)
This was sponsored. Please wait for my review (coming soon...)
Tha tatoo name makes me curious, it is good and longlasting but not  til 7days, unless you don't wash your face at all and it's impossible right. The famous BB Cream, known for its coverage and I can say.. yes, it is. Good coverage for a BB Cream. Goes on smoothly only a bit thick for hot weather.

Born Pretty Store (Nail Wheel Accessories)
A Hongkong ol shopping web which sells so many nail accessories and needs. They sent me this one over the nail wheel promo program back then. I still confused on how to use it because it is big and maybe too big for my small nails. Still figuring it out. 

Kay Collection (Vita B12 Travel Kit)
Got it from Kay Collection instagram GA. This is from Switzerland and never heard or tried this before but it's pricey, read that it's good for aging skin.

Sephora Mini Bag Palette
Love it! Got it from Insta GA too.. It's cute and useful. Too bad it doesn't come with a brush. But it's really multifunction, in a cute and light box it has 9 eyeshadows from light to dark color, 4 lipgloss and 1 blush. Good size for travelling, always wanted something like this before.

That's all... No shopping this May lah.. Hihi.. Wait for my reviews.. 
Which one do you want me to review first?


  1. Such an awesome haul! xoxo <3

  2. mantep jes menang dua giveaway :D

  3. my gosh! I am so impressed about the amount of content you have in your post!
    What an amazing haul, every girls dream come true hehe

    The memebox and 3ce both looking awesome.

  4. Thank you Ashley! You too always have an amazing haul that makes me wants more. lol