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Review: IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX No.22 Ice Shimmer Beige

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX

IOPE is a brand from Amore Pacific. The medium high collection similar with Laneige and Mamonde.
The skin care range is more for older people, while Laneige and Mamonde are for younger people.

This is my first IOPE.
It is really best selling, sold 1 every 30 seconds in the world.
I also heard that it is featured in many magazines, got award, etc...
I am curious with this air cushion thing. and it is really good to know there is a compact sunblock with high SPF (it's 50!!). Since it is superrrr hot here in Bali, where I live, I don't like wearing cream sunblock.

*Sorry for blurry picture*
The box is thick because it contains the compact sunblock + FREE REFILL... Love it the free one.
You also get the small booklet for product description inside.


IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX
It is 4 in 1 function: brightening, UV protection, make up, cooling.
The cooling effect is new to me, I never have cooling effect product before.
Really all in one product and what I need, I've been raving all along for this kind of product. 
So without any doubtness, when Amore Pacific hold a discount for this one, I took it!

No.20 works as make up base
No.21 & 23 works as natural foundation
No.22 works as shimmer foundation


IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX top bottom
IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX front back

The packaging is thick and made from shiny plastic with metal line along the product.
Classy packaging and look expensive.
It is bigger compared to usual compact powder / foundation because it has cushion in it.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX refill changes

If you see the bottom side, there's 'PUSH' letter means you can push it if you want to change the refill.
How to change the refill is written in the small booklet that given along with the product.
The manufacturing date also printed on the bottom.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX puff

This is a blue puff. The other side is still white, kinda like plastic a little bit, but the blue side is soft and made special for liquid or semi liquid product.
Innisfree, Etude House also has this kind of puff for their product.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX booklet

Got a mini booklet for product description in many languages. It always does when it comes to mid high Amore Pacific's products.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX inside

The puff is inside and there is a partition so you won't worry that it will get dirty. 
PLUS.. The partition is locking, you have to push it a bit hard until you hear a 'click' sound to make sure that you close it properly.
I think it was made to prevent  the air cushion from drying.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX inside

There's a sticker seal when it's new, so you gotta know if you got a second product.
After that you can see the air cushion sunblock.
For the first time, I'm wondering what is air cushion??? What is look like???
Let's take a look!!!

Texture and Scent

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX detail

So.. what do you think it looks like? Honeycomb.. That's what came across my mind.
It feels like sponge with very big p\pores, to get the product, you have to push it with the puff.
The liquid is inside the cushion.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX

By using the puff pressing the cushion, this is what you get on the puff. If you want more, you just have to push it harder and evenly.


I chose No.22 Ice Shimmer Beige because I want something that has sparkles in it, which I need to brighten and give shimmer complexion but not so much.
This one is the only one that has shimmer in it.
You can't see the difference unless you spot it from near distance so it still suitable for daily look.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX review swatch

Can you spot the difference?
It is a sunblock that works amazingly!

When you applied it on your face, these are what happen:
1. It feels cool, the cooling effect works! Very suitable for summer and it also moisturizing
2. Brighten my skin tone. You can see that my skin got brighter with glowing complexion
3. Give sheer coverage. Because it also works as a foundation so it has coverage in it but not so much, it is sheer but I like it
4. Has shimmer in it, so you can use it for glamour look

Swatch on Face

**Picture alert**
I'll show you my bare face.. Hahaha *hide*

This is my bare face, just waking up in the morning wearing nothing *no edit*

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX review swatch before after

I'm using IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX No.22 Ice Shimmer Beige only on the right side of my face only! Without wearing any moisturizer at all so you can see the difference it made.
My face is more glowing, whiter and my freckles are covered but not fully because it has sheer coverage.
No problem, you can add concealer or BB cream after. This sunblock can be used before or after make up and when you do the retouch.

IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock EX review swatch before after

This is a closer look of my face for before and after.

- 4 in 1 function: brightening, UV protection, make up, cooling.
- Compact so easy to bring
- Very suitable for summer
- Comes with refill
- Comes with 4 variants

- Sheer coverage, need more if you're expecting full coverage foundation

I love this one, this is what I've been raving for so long, because honestly I hate liquid sunblock.
So multifunction, when I'm in a hurry, just use this only and you can see the difference and get all in one in a product.

What do you think?
Do you like it?
Please share your thoughts down below...


  1. Belum pernah denger dan pake brand ini hahaa.. >.<
    tapi bagus loh, aku suka hasilnya glowing" gitu.. coveragenya juga lumayan ya kayanya..

    nice review ^^

  2. looks interesting ^^ tp bulky jg yah >.<
    beli dmn sis? brp?

  3. coveragenya kl tipis2 lumayan tp kl utk flawless look kurang, masih butuh conceal ato BB cream lagi. Jd bs dipake sebelum or sesudah sunblock ini.

    Thanks.. your blog is awesome, too! Suda lama suka mampir kesana ^_^

  4. Thanks ^_^
    Iya sama aku juga suka banget sama ini, next penasaran sama Laneige Snow BB Cushion, mirip banget n sering dicompare sama ini tapi lebih mahal >_<

  5. Krn kulitku normal dry mungkin sis, n sebelum pake ini aku ga pake apa2. Kalau sudah pake moisturizer sblmnya lbh gampang blend kok. Aslinya tipis n ga heavy at all.
    Beli di Gmarket Korea, sekitar $23 gitu

  6. This is a wonderful blog and review!

  7. Great product review, though I haven't heard about it before :)

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    Im following u on bloglovin ^^


  9. I love this! I had a face cream sample from Amore Pacific before and I loved it. But I hesitated to buy from them because it is quite expensive. :(

  10. wow this looks so cool! one sold every 30 seconds?? and I didn’t know about this brand at all!! where I have been!! hahahaha - love the swach and the close up pictures!!

    your skin is so lovelyyyy and fresh without it as well!
    Following you in bloglovin <3

    big hugs <3

  11. OMG a fellow Indonesian blogger! (y)


  12. The coverage looks great! Never heard of this brand before! Thank you for the review!


  13. Such a thorough review! Thank you for sharing your finds with us, we can all learn from your great post! :)

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    btw, your skin is so nice to begin with :)


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    The before after is significant and worth it!

  18. Such a natural result. Thanks for sharing :) Happy Tuesday

  19. Yes, it is expensive, lucky me, I got good deal for this, if not, I wouldn't bought it too :)

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    Fol u too dear

  21. It was born late LOL. Hard to get but many good reviews about this brand. Thanks for visiting.

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  23. Yup.. You can check Gmarket, I think it's available shipping there. For another Korean product try wishtrend and twofacemall, they offer free shipping too

    Thanks. Love #GIG

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  25. Great review!! Thank you for sharing!! xoxo Nat #GIGlove

  26. Wow, this is definitely an interesting product! I also wondered what a cushion would look like but yes, it does look like a honeycomb! :D It's super hot here in the Philippines too so this is a great product to try! Will definitely keep this in mind. I like how well it blends on your skin :)

  27. Thanks.. It will be better if you use moisturizer first for sure. :D
    I also have my eye on Laneige Snow BB Cushion. All the cushion thing kinda booming right now

  28. Wow. You've really done a great detailed review. I'm short of words in describing how appealing and easy-to-read this was. Perfect. :)

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  31. This looks great! Probably too light for me in terms of coverage, but I'd still love to try it out.


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  33. There's a shade no 23 which is darker than this, but it can blend easily :)

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    - from gig

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  36. Yes they're sisters with same technology! :)

  37. I love the presentation. Great seller I see...GiGer sista Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  38. Very thorough. I get so frustrated with so many skin care options. There are just too many out there! How to keep track of them all!

  39. Yes it is.. Confusing right.. It's hard to know which one is the best for us

  40. something similar to Laneige's BB cushion! this looks interesting too!

  41. love sparkles on my skin! spf its so important!

  42. Great review. I don't think I can find this product in the UK thought...

  43. It's hard to find outside Korea, I've to order it online :-)

  44. Thank you, iya ni aku harus order dr Korea, di Indo belum masuk soalnya. Ini sheer coverage, kl laneige sma yg iope tp ex cover itu coveragenya lbh bgs :-)

  45. I am keen to try this product but am not sure what colour to choose. Am from Singapore and not as fair as Koreans. With a slight tan. Can I still use #22?

  46. I'm not as fair as them too, but this shade is ok for me. It blends well and not leaving white cast

  47. Amazing review, you are awesome. sells this product and ships in 3 days to the US for $42.

  48. Is this the newest version or the Air Cushion XP?

  49. That's s weird..the name are too close to each other and I don't even know which is which..currently, the one that I saw is Air Cushion XP , Air Cushion Sunblock EX-Cover, Air Cushion Sunblock XP...O.O

  50. where can i see the prices for those?? thank u :)

  51. I'm not sure about the price now, but I think it's around $30. You can check on gmarket korea or ebay.
    -------- Original message --------

  52. Astrid Silvya ImmanuellaOctober 19, 2013 at 12:11 AM

    telat nih baru keracunan sekarang.. hahaha nice review dan sukses sekali bikin saya keracunan dengan glowy2 nya *____*
    btw tapi sista skintone nya nc/nw berapa ya? pingin yg shimmer juga tp kan cuma ada 1 shade takut keputihan.. hihi

  53. Shadenya banyak sis kl IOPE ini. Ini trmasuk yg putih. Ada yg nat beige juga kok. Emang bikin glowing gampang banget. Cm coverage bs + concealer lah. :). Kulitku light/nat sama2 masuk sih.

  54. Atika Fitria NingrumFebruary 7, 2014 at 10:28 AM

    Dimana ya Saya bisa Membeli IOPE ini? kalau di indonesia tempatnya dimana? kalau online yang bener2 terpercaya dimana?

  55. Disini kurang tau ya. karena agak susah nyari barang ini. Dulu aku beli langsung di Korea sis. :) Coba aku cari masih ada apa ga

  56. Atika Fitria NingrumFebruary 9, 2014 at 10:35 AM

    iya sis makasih ya. Kalau ada atau ada info kabari ya sis. soalnya emang susah saya nyari kemana2 gak ada. adanya marek lain.

  57. What is the texture like? Is it sticky or tacky? I really dislike the feeling of either. Or (I'm hoping) does it dry into a powder or satiny finish? After wearing it for hours, does it start to look oily at all? Super curious about this product! Thanks in advance for any help!

  58. Hi michi, It's glowing finish and might be a little bit sticky. I feel like that bcoz I'm living in tropical climate up to 30 celcius. But with a little bit of powder it's good. I have dry skin so not oily. For oily skin maybe using blotting paper or powder on top is a must. Thanks

  59. Nice review and this looks lovely on you. Love the glowing finish so much.

    The new version (IOPE Air Cushion XP) is currently the best selling cushion in my shop too.
    You can check it here (ship to Indonesia only) =)

  60. That looks awesome! Do you any websites that sell c22 --I'm in America - I can't find C22 anywhere-everyone uses 21, which seems a bit light-I'm fair skinned with red undertones and want medium coverage. I'm a bit older so I don't think the "sparkles" would look as good on me, as they do on you.

  61. Hi maybe you can check shade 23? It's the one without sparkle. And the newest seri of this one has more coverage than mine. You can check online shop with free worldwide shipping such as w2beauty (you can check my post on them, I've discount code). Other shop maybe ibuybeauty. Thanks