Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Baroness Mask Sheet

I love Korean masks, especially the sheet mask.
It is cheap cheap cheap and the result is okay, not bad la for cheapo.
I wanted to try other masks, too. This month is like a mask month for me. I'm becoming 'banci masker'. wedeww.... As you saw in my February Haul, more than 50 sheet masks I bought in a month.
My sister and my mom always take my masks, they never buy *_*. 

So, mask that I want to use today is Baroness. 


Baroness Mask Sheet highly-concentrated-essence type of mask sheet containing natural extract.
It enhances the firmness skin and keeping skin elastic keeping absorbed moisture between skin layers ad to avoid chapped and dry skin.
This skin-matching mask sheet helps your skin to be elastic and look younger by giving effect of moisturizing and forming a film on skin, you feel silky and fresh.

Many variants come with it, but I only have 6 to show to you.

Vitamin C, Snail, Collagen, Pomegranate, Green tea, Aloe vera

Aloe, Green tea, and Pome comes with description.
For others, you can see the description printed on the mask.

I'm using Collagen, so this is the detail on the collagen mask.

Back cover

Cropped information

The mask sheet 
*for others should be similar with it*

It contains a lot of essence as it is essence mask, very wet once you open it. Nice.

And it is me using it... ^-^

I love the sheet because it is transparent and fits my face, good thing.

After using it, my face feels moistened, supple and there is still much of the essence on my face.
*sorry for my freckles*
One thing that I don't like is even though I've waited, it still feels sticky on my face.
More branded masks usually absorbs really well so you don't have to wash your face after before the night routine.

- Cheap
- Contains much essence
- Fits my face
- Transparent so it's light feel

- Sticky feeling after

For usual night routine, I use mask 2-3 times a week, so this is a save because it's cheap.
You can use it depend on your skin condition, if it feels dry, use collagen or aloe. Need refreshment, use green tea. To brighten face use vitamin C, etc etc...

You can buy it at Sparkling Gee for only IDR 10.000 each, or there is promo with IDR 40.000 you can get 5pcs.
Use discount code JCLIANI05 to get 5% discount.

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  1. owh,, i got one from my friend,, collagen,, im not the person who care about beauty,, since it is a present, i think that i should use it.. before that i search about it, and i found something in your blog that relate to it. u are Indonesian right?? im Malaysian. btw, thanks for the information but i dont wear it yet.. because i dont like sticky thing,, :D but,,,, i will.. thanks,, good entry.. :D