Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Bioglo - Visibly Soft Milk Mask

Bioglo. Have you ever heard of it?
It is a brand from Cosway, a company based in Malaysia, and selling their items through franchise that we can find in Indonesia, eCosway shops at mall.

Bioglo is one of their best brand. From mask, facial wash, cream, shower gel, etc. 
The products are affordable. Especially if you are a member, you can get monthly deal (discount changes every 1,5 months). I bought this one for a special deal. So... I'm interested in reviewing this baby, yes, its name soft milk reminds me of baby skin.

The mask comes with a box that contains 4pcs, wrapped in aluminium packaging like in the pic. Quiet neat and really simple. Different from Korean product that always wrapped on by one with nice design and comes with retail, no box.

Bioglo Visibly Soft Milk Mask delivers all the goodness of milk to intensely moisturise, nourish and renew skin from within, leaving it dewy-soft, smooth and supple.
Enjoy its light, creamy scent that calms the senses for a truly pampering experience.

It is a tissue mask, so you have to put it on your face and wait. The inside is very creamy, like milk. So, when you put in on your face, it feels like putting a sheet of milk ;p
The result, it leaves your skin soft, supple, moist, and brighter.
After 10min, take it off and massage slowly your face with the rest of the mask's cream.

Ohhh *-* I can't take my hands from touching my face. Like this!

- Cheap
- Good result
- Creamy, good moisture
- Easy to get in Indonesia

- Boring packaging, just aluminium + sticker ;p (I do like cute one)

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